The Villa At the Edge of the Empire

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A provocative and insightful exploration of rebuilding our homes, communities and cities after their devastation.Where are we? How did we get here? Where do we go now?From nineteenth-century attempts to create Utopias to America s rustbelt, from Darwin s study of worms to China s phantom cities, this work ranges widely through history and around the world. It examines the evolution of cities and of Christchurch in particular, looking at its swampy origins and its present reconstruction following the recent destructive earthquakes. And it takes us to L Aquila in Italy to observe another shaken city. Farrell writes as a citizen caught up in a devastated city in an era when political ideology has transformed the citizen to an asset, the raw material on which ...empire makes its profit . In a hundred tiny pieces, she comments on contentious issues, such as the fate of a cathedral, the closure of schools, the role of insurers, the plans for civic venues. Through personal observation, conversations with friends, a close reading of everything from the daily newspaper to records of other upheavals in Pompeii and Berlin, this dazzling book explores community
Fiona Farrell about writing of her book The villa at the edge of the empire. It will be 6 years on Sunday since the 2010 earthquake. The rebuilding of the city is still going on and it's proving to be much longer process than anyone imagined. The Villa At the Edge of the Empire Image
AUTHOR Fiona Farrell
FILENAME The Villa At the Edge of the Empire.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 24 Jun 2015

Aftershock: Fiona Farrell's white-hot response to the ...

An endnote to The Villa at the Edge of the Empire says it is the first, non-fiction part of a two-part project, the second volume of which will be fiction. Like this one, it should be a must-read. Nicholas Reid, Sunday Star-Times

The Villa At the Edge of the Empire by Fiona Farrell ...

A book written with an angry mind, a philosophical spirit and a wise and forgiving heart, The Villa at the Edge of the Empire is fiendishly difficult to classify. Part autobiography, part polemic ...


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